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Chicken... he's everywhere... more chickens..

Having a blast playing your game:

cool short atmospheric game wish there was story to tie it all together fun nun the less it got me a few times lol 

The game was super interesting, I can definitely see what you were going for, I just wish I knew what was happening at the end and why there was a hole to begin with (unless I missed some dialogue or something that everything then please excuse me lol). Still a great game though! The deer at the front door honestly scared the CRAP out of me lol good work!!

Este juego tiene algunos de los mejores sustos que he vivido. Es un gran juego corto.

Interesting game, enjoyed it!

jump scare caught me ngl

A lit a bit short but good !

THIS GAME WAS VERY UNIQUE, I loved the art style and cool little story with "the hole" Check it out!!! My gameplay of this game is the second game of my 3 scary games. Timestamps are in description.

Short horror game that was interesting, I enjoyed it, have a lot of questions but that's just me! I enjoyed searching for the chick and having my car torched. Would visit the cabin again.

Great start man. I hope you keep making games!

Godot games have this unique PSX style that I can't put into words on how it's different, because I've seen Unity games looking like this, but somehow Godot makes it different. And the game is good, did not play it yet but I'll tell you my experience later.


Nice game. Well done

Nice. Creepy atmosphere and made me jump a couple times.

Liked the game, I was hoping for more when it came to the reveal of the monster. If this is expanded upon later it would be an awesome experience (Gameplay starts at 12:26)

Loved this game. Really interesting, and with a lovecraftian vibe. Hope it was a lil longer, but even so it was a complete and funny experience.
Made a spanish gameplay about your game, hope you like it! :)

I love these style of graphics, and I loved the atmosphere you built

I love the overall atmosphere of this game. It had a great build up and i felt unsettled throughout the entire playthrough, great job!

I confused the deer for a dolphin but besides that good game 10/10

The bird was the smartest character in the game,,, I hope he escaped to wherever he was going ;~;


While this game didn't make a whole lot of sense, it was pretty neat, good psx style graphics for that nice retro feel and the setting and atmosphere was well done! Great job in 2 weeks. Here is my playthrough, enjoy!

Buena premisa aunque algo difícil de comprender en un inicio que se tiene que hacer, pero el sentimiento de desorientación aumenta la sensación de miedo, es un buen juego pero el final lo sentí algo abrupto, siento que podría expandirse mas el juego


Felt like actually playing an old PS1 game and finding a cursed corner lol. Nice.

Hello! I played your game and uploaded it. I also fell through the map if your looking for bugs :P It is the 3rd game

I really liked the graphics but I didn't understand anything, anyway, good game

I appreciate your efforts in dealing with a complex concept such as holes. You my good sir have done a great job. Thank you.

I liked it! The TV scared the CRAP out of me though.


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I wanna play the continuation!!


Thanks for making a cool short horror game, I enjoyed it

I did have some feedback, the filter was a bit too intense, however I am sensitive to flashing lights and wobbly textures so could just be me but an option to lower it would be great for future games! 

Hope to play a longer game next time, you have a lot of potential and very talented person so looking forward on what you will make in the future :) 


Played at 18:51. Great game! Super random which I loved. And i love the graphics style! It terrifed me.

check out my video.

Awesome game! i hope the the little birdy is okay

i was convinced that something was going to happen IN the cabin XD but regardless, it was a fun experience.


First horror type of game I've ever played, I have to say it was more a mystery, but I am definitely adrenalized now!

mysterious hole, I have to quickly find gas for my car

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